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We support leaders and teams on their journey from good to excellent and help brands to grow their impact.

Who Am I

I am Florian Klaass, an accomplished and passionate senior marketing and brand strategist, coach and leader. With more than 20 years of experience in building and leading international high-performance teams and successfully creating and implementing global brand and marketing programs in the FMCG world.


Who Am I

I have spent over a decade at Red Bull, helping to drive the success and growth of one of the world's most innovative and valuable brands. As a member of Red Bull's Senior Global Marketing Board for 15 years, I have had the privilege of creating, shaping and defining consumer marketing excellence across all media, channels and platforms on a global scale.

By building up and working with the most talented teams in the industry, gold-standards have been set and industry benchmarks created. I have nurtured and enabled careers, worked on all 5 continents and led cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams around the world. 

Today, together with a team of interdisciplinary experts, I help brands, organizations, leaders and teams focus on their core strengths and priorities. I help unravel complex business challenges with the goal of making leaders and teams more effective and driving brand growth. As a certified business coach, I help executives, directors and senior managers to continuously develop their full leadership potential. Both as professionals and as human beings.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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I Am

Marketing Expert / Brand Strategist / Business Coach / Keynote Speaker.

I Embrace

Inspiration / Engagement / Empathy / Clarity / Serenity.

I Value

Trust / Quality / Fairness / Openness / Activeness.



Developing Brands and People

Brand Consulting

We help build tailored strategies for brand growth. 

Business Coaching

We support Leaders and Teams on their journey from good to excellent.


We help plan, develop and facilitate Workshops worldwide.


We develop individual competences and team skills. 

Read my interview with Rubens Filho from "Abracademy" on the magic of teams.


Brand Consulting

Developing Brands

Brand Strategy

We help build tailored strategies for brand growth.

Simplicity and clarity are the guiding principles, aiming for both brand relevance and commercial impact. We support you in refining your brand identity and positioning, setting up a well thought-through strategic roadmap and defining the underlying process.

Marketing Strategy

We support marketing teams in building long-lasting and distinct brands.

By defining powerful narratives and releasing them. By focussing on the winning elements, streamlining the approach and optimising processes. We act as a sparring partners in the creation and amplification of marketing programs and content across every interaction a consumer has with your company.


Business Coaching

Developing People

Business Coaching

We support Leaders - Executives, Directors & Senior Managers - individually as well as with their teams, on their journey from good to excellent. We work with people to find individual & pragmatic solutions and explore possibilities to up-level individual and team performance and drive personal development and growth.  

Cross-cultural Communication

We’re all the same, we’re all different - whilst we celebrate cultural diversity, managing and leading in different cultures or intercultural teams can sometimes be tricky and challenging. We provide you with context and background knowledge on how cultures differ, how to overcome these differences and how to successfully lead multi-national teams.

Team Culture

The difference between good teams and great teams is that great teams have a clearly defined culture. We enable you to create a meaningful team culture based on principles, ethos and purpose. Allowing you to perform on the highest level whilst being robust in times of crisis and stress.



Developing Competence and Skills

unbenannt (104 von 163).jpg

Work successfully across cultures, countries, and continents by navigating cultural differences and leveraging diversity as a true strength.

2 days training / in person / 4-12 people

FK Presenting_edited_edited.jpg

Become an exceptional, persuasive, and transformational public speaker by mastering the art of presenting.

1 day training / in person / 1-8 people


We have supported these companies in successfully building global brand and marketing strategies & programs and developing professional leaders and teams.


"Thanks for being a defining part of my professional career."

Todd Palmerton / Vice President, Event Creation & Management  Wasserman


Find out more about Peter-Christian Patzelt &


Start your Business successfully


A comprehensive guide on how to start your own Business. From leadership mindset to brand positioning, this workbook guides you through the most important steps on your journey. Including valuable tools and templates.


Successful Team Coaching


A comprehensive guide on how to work with teams. As a Leader and/or Coach. With more than 30 tools and formats to get the most of teams, this is a combined collection of 20 years of working with teams.  I had the great opportunity to contribute to this book as co-author.

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